Beautiful Atlanta

Atlanta is a dazzling cosmopolitan city. The arrays of restaurants, mansions, museums, shopping malls, five star hotels, and art galleries are just among the few reasons why Atlanta is worth a visit.

A visit to Atlanta is not complete without visiting the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. At Fernbank Museum of Natural History, history comes alive with cultural treasures and ancient fossils the museum houses. The Museum also holds a special event called “Martinis & IMAX®” on Friday nights, where one can enjoy dinner with cocktail drinks indoors under two large dinosaur skeleton replicas or outdoors in a spacious patio while listening to a live band playing jazz music. After supper, visit the little IMAX theatre and watch fascinating, factual films like Wild Ocean. At Fernbank, there’s always something new to unravel, for it isn’t just a museum — it’s a journey to another place and time.

Also, take time to visit Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, which houses over 11,000 art pieces as part of the museum’s lasting collection. The museum also hosts several remarkable traveling expositions and trade fair. The museum sometimes houses world-famous artworks of the world’s greatest artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci. Don’t forget to visit the museum’s Road to Freedom, which contains photographs and mementos during the 1956 to 1968 period of the Civil Rights Movement. The Road to Freedom has over 200 images wherein some of the demonstrations and exhibits are deeply moving and are a learning lesson on the subject of history. The museum also houses a detention record presenting Rosa Parks’ name, and alarming leaflets that the Ku Klux Klan disseminated in the early 1960s.

Piedmont Park in AtlantaBut if history and art don’t fascinate you, here’s another alternative: Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium. Georgia Aquarium’s length is 284 feet, its width is 126 feet and its depth is 30 feet. At Georgia Aquarium, you can see various sea creatures alongside whale sharks and you can even swim with them if you like!

The Aquarium also features awesome exhibits and showcases for children and various petting puddles and pools where people can touch some sea animals. There is also a model of a ship indoors and an enormous replica of a whale featuring a slide in its inner side.

Atlanta’s vibrant nightlife has also become an attraction. Visit Opera, a club that has a veranda where visitors can enjoy the dazzling beauty of Atlanta at night. And as a great metropolitan city, Atlanta is home to many shopping malls. Among its upscale shopping malls are Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square both situated in Buckhead neighborhood, home to many of Atlanta’s elites and wealthiest residents. Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza are a fashion paradise, with an enclave of 250 shops which sell signature items, including shoes by Jimmy Choo, products by Giorgio Armani, and bags by Michael Kors.

Fine restaurants are also everywhere Atlanta. Similarly situated in Buckhead, Seasons 52 is where one can choose its choices of delectable dishes that surely satisfy your hungry stomach. Interesting inclusions on the restaurant’s menu is its five flatbread types, which are appropriate for light lunch coupled with pine nuts- and pear-covered spinach salad. Seasons 52 offers a healthy menu with gluten-free and low-calorie dishes and gluten-free meals.

For many people, there is one word that aptly describes this city: beautiful.

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