Dining in Atlanta

Atlanta is very popular for its wonderful cuisine. More often than not, the city is associated with restaurants that offer a wide selection of delicious and appetizing food. If you are looking for variety, restaurants in Atlanta would surely present a wide array of choices of mouth-watering dishes. American cuisine is just one of the many diverse dishes offered in Atlanta. Name it and Atlanta has it, whether your hungry stomach craves for Italian, Mexican, or French cuisines. With all these tempting offers, dining experience in Atlanta would definitely be enjoyable and unforgettable.

Food in AtlantaIn order to attract customers, restaurants in Atlanta developed innovative ideas such as taking on a certain theme that would enhance the ambience and target a particular set of patrons. There are restaurants that present a combination of sophisticated atmosphere and country dishes. Most restaurants also offer a specialty cuisine. Share and taste plates are usually available, allowing delectable dishes to be distributed around the table. Examples of such dishes are tuna crudo, pear, squid with crushed olives, chorizo, and appetizers such as oak grilled asparagus. To perfectly enjoy a sumptuous meal, the restaurants also serve cocktail drinks that usually match with the deliciously cooked cuisines.

Restaurants in Atlanta can be classified based on several categories such as cost, presentation, features, and cuisines. For a satisfactory dining experience in Atlanta, remember to visit the best restaurants in the city.

Pigeon Forger Restaurant is very well-known among Atlanta residents and guests. The restaurant’s menu includes seafood, catfish, steaks, chicken, and other appetizing foodstuff. Pigeon Forge Restaurant is very conducive to family gatherings because of its varied food choices for kids.

If you want a taste of Hollywood in a “Gone with the Wind” style, you better check out Pittypat’s Porch. This restaurant took its name from the character of Scarlett O’Hara’s aunt in the movie Gone with the Wind.

Dining at Dante’s Down the Hatch does not limit you to good food. Aside from being the best place for fondue lovers, you will surely enjoy the nautical ambience of the restaurant, with live crocodiles and jazz bands performing six nights per week.

The largest drive-in restaurant in the world is located in Atlanta and known as The Varsity. This restaurant was built in 1928. Among the restaurant’s specialties are the well-known frosted orange drinks and the oily chili dogs.

Another restaurant that you would certainly never want to miss out is The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar and View. Situated 723 feet above Atlanta’s business district, The Sun Dial has more than exceptional dishes, entrees, desserts, and wines to offer. It is the sole three-level dining compound in Atlanta, showcasing a rotating cocktail lounge, a revolving high-class restaurant, as well as an observatory View Level which presents an overwhelming 360-degree view of the horizon.
Vegans and meat lovers would definitely have no conflict of interests when dining in R. Thomas Deluxe Grille. Among the most loved dishes in this restaurant are the French toast, the smoothies, and of course, the grilled-not-fried wings. The setting would also add up to the pleasant dining experience, with its windmills, birds, bells, and plants.

In Atlanta, there is no need to worry about the space to dine. Restaurant seats are readily available even without making reservations.

Atlanta is surely the best place to dine. Dining experiences feature not only the specialty dishes but also the themed settings of Atlanta restaurants.

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